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Friday, March 28, 2014

Bill Deane investigative journalist, speaker, best selling author of Smooth Criminal, a One Man American Crime Wave.

 The Opperman Report Studio A
11:00 AM PST
10 /03/2013 Show Description:

Bill Deane, Criminal Investigative Journalist and Best Selling Author

Bill Dean Investigative Journalist and AuthorBill Deane is an investigative journalist, speaker, and best selling author of Smooth Criminal, a One Man American Crime Wave.

Bill's best-selling book exposes the consequences of our government freeing prisoners to carry out dangerous assignments.
His expertise includes criminal behaviors, law enforcement (CIA, FBI, police, Justice Department), and the consequences of extreme secrecy (innocent American citizens's lives ruined).
Bill is a professional on-air broadcaster, capable of telling a vital story in an info-tainment manner. A former major market anchor, news director, and network news assignment editor, Bill is an excellent radio guest.
He is currently speaking on broadcast news history and the News and Why We are NOT Getting It.
You are also invited to check Bill's blog for daily updates that go beyond the What/Where to get into the How/Why.
His blog offers over a thousand articles with many evergreen topics that you can choose from to discuss with Bill on your air.

Bill Deane, Investigative Reporter Expert Will discuss.......

  • The CIA and its relationship with other law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, local police, and the Justice Department
  • The invisible government
  • Why we aren't getting the real news
  • Ten ways to identify a con artist
  • Ten ways to avoid theft and robbery.

Bill Deane Credentials

  • Investigative journalist, IRE
  • 30 years as a network news assignment editor
  • major market news anchor and news director
  • demographic researcher
  • public speaker, national narrations and voiceovers
  • top 40 DJ
  • speech teacher
  • radio and TV producer of 7-hour 600 slide, 40 movie presentation
  • writer, author of one of this year's best sellers, Smooth Criminal, a One Man American Crime Wave. 

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