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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Please Welcome and Support Our New Sponsors

Please welcome our two newest sponsors. You can have your business or website promoted to millions of listeners and readers each month:


A team of Professionals conducting investigations into possible paranormal activity. Investigations are done in complete confidence and copies of reports are given at the end of each investigation. If you think you have a paranormal occurrence, contact us for an appointment by email at *****ALL INVESTIGATIONS ARE ***ALWAYS*** FREE OF CHARGE***********This is a free service for the purpose of documenting paranormal activity... Join us on facebook!

 Pacific West Bamboo

Pacific West Bamboo, number 1 source for Timber construction and craft grade Bamboo Poles, plants and products. Specialize in eco friendly reclaimed wood products for the home and garden.Located in Portland Oregon, servicing the North West for over 10 years. New web site to launch on Monday, can be reached at 503-839-8126, facebook page PacificWestBamboo or our email @ Can and do ship nation wide

You can also support the Opperman Report with a Paypal Donation or buy buying Ed's book or utilizing Ed's services


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