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Update: Las Vegas Walmart Shooters Story and Broadcasts Interferance

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Meet the Millers:  A story about Informants, Politicians, Cop Killers and Bundy Ranch Strangeness

Update on my reporting on the Las Vegas Walmart shooters and alleged cop killers, Amanda and Jerad Miller.

I began my investigation into this story on Wed June 11, 2014 when I learned that several local politicians that I am acquainted with had personal first hand contact with the Millers.

Since that time I have personally interviewed:
Howard Scheff , 2014 Independent American candidate for District 42 of the Nevada State Assembly.
Detective Gordon Martines candidate for Sheriff of Clark County 2014
David Lory VanDerBeek , Lic Family Therapist and NV Candidate for Governor 2104 
Aj  Maimbourg a local political campaign manager 
On Thursday June 12 I recorded a 2 hour interview for my weekly radio show The Opperman Report 
which normally airs  live on Friday night 5 PM PST on and 

In this two hour interview the following information was obtained from the above listed first hand witnesses:

The Millers traveled to NV, selling all their belongings, to work on the VanderBeek for Govorner Campaign.
The Millers never appeared violent or extreme to any of the guests. But were "flakey pot head types".
The Millers told Det Martines that Jerad was a felon with previous "MURDER CONVICTION".
None of the guests have ever been interviewed by LVMPD about their contact with and information about the Millers.
Mr VanderBeek was the subject of a media smear campaign to link his campaign to the Millers.
It was the impression of Det Martines that the Millers were a scripted event, pawns used to discredit their campaigns and other issues of police and political corruption he was attempting to spotlight with his campaign.

 Following this interview I immediately uploaded the audio file to my audio engeneer as well as a producer at AwakeRadio.US for imediate airing. However it was discovered that the audio file was blank. Something that has never happened before in the use if this recording equipmant.
A previous interview I had conducted with Det Martines is available at this link where he describes the political and police corruption and coverups.

In the interest of making this story public I contacted the John B Wells Show, to arange an interview with these guests. We scheduled an interview with myself and the group for Monday June 16 2014 at 11 AM PST.

We immediately ran into extraordinary audio issues as well as issues witt the phone system getting all the guests on line at the same time. We worked on that interview from 11 AM until 9 PM PST.

In that interview new information was revealed. According to Mr Howard Scheff, who was involved in the removal of the Millers from Bundy Ranch. Jerad Miller was a source of the rumor of a Govt Drone attack at the Bundy Ranch.

People familiar with the Bundy Ranch saga will be aware that the rumor of drone attacks at the ranch was the initial cause of the agitation between the Oathkeepers and Militia at the ranch. It has been reported that this conflict between these two groups included weapons being drawn.

The next day we found out that the video portion of this John B Wells interview was unusable.

We attempted a second 4 hour interview the next day. Again with phone issues, audio issues and guest scheduling issues. But we powered on and through all these obstacles to get the story on record

Below is a sample recording of that interview. In this sample you can hear what the guests heard. You can hear the loud distortion of John B Wells that made the interview difficult and extremely painful.
It was revealed in this interview that the Millers were police informants and gave at least two witness statements to local police.

After that interview I sent the audio file to my production staff via the Opperman Report Google Drive. The next day that file was missing from the drive.

Since this time my staff at Opperman Report are convinced that our computers are under outside interference and surveillance.

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