Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thomas Sheridan: Jimmy Savile the 666 Serial Killer

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Thomas SheridanThomas Sheridan is an author, artist, musician, stand-up comic and independent researcher, best known for the book, Puzzling People: the Labyrinth of the Psychopath, along with his writings on socio-cultural engineering, propaganda and the influence of late Victorian occult societies and policy think-tanks upon the creation of both Fascism and Bolshevism, and the paralyzing shadow these aristocratically created and cultivated symbiotic ideologies have cast upon the face of humanity. 

 In his latest book Walpurgis Night: Volume One, Thomas Sheridan known for his work on psychopathology, mass hysteria and social engineering, for the first time tackles a historical subject using these concepts as a framework in which to re-examine the rise of the Nazi cult and its legacy. 

While Thomas Sheridan was researching for this new book he also undertook an old fashioned style journalism investigation into the Jimmy Savile/BBC scandal in the UK and came to the conclusion that Savile was not only a vicious pedophile and necrophiliac, but was also a serial killer adept in the same school of black magic also practiced by European royalty bringing all of Sheridan's research together in a damning indictment of our global power structures and their disregard for human decency and compassion. 
 Website: www.thomassheridanarts.com

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