Sunday, September 28, 2014

Urgent Plea Help Save My Family

Update on Custody Stuff:
Hi guys we are making some progress in fighting but there is a new court appearance coming up. Not sure when, there's no date. We have other avenues we are pursuing to get justice but all will take time and money.There are things we're working on that we will not be able to disclose for years until after all this is over. But just please understand the seriousness of all this and the suffering of my family.

I would not be going public like this if the situation were not desperate. A $5 or $10 donation is desperately needed.

We have been devastated financially in this struggle and desperately need your help TODAY!
You can donate directly at oppermanreport@gmail,com or thru gofundme.
We need immediate financial assistance to secure representation at this next hearing.

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