Friday, January 16, 2015

PayPal Donations To Fund The Show

We haven't received a donation for the shows in several weeks. We used to be carried on a station that insisted we ask for donations on every broadcast and I know we'd raise enough to keep the station owner very well fed.

So here we are now without any donations in weeks, the member section is down as well.  But listener-ship is way up. In fact the plays have tippled in the last 30 days

If we can't get donations to  paypal account the only other alternative is to put the shows up all the shows and archives on iTunes for a fee to download or monthly subscriptions.

Below is a PARTIAL list of stations currently carrying the show.

Friday Night LIVE!!! 5:00  PM PST

High Point Radio 1700 AM / 100.5 FM
Saturday Evening 7 PM PST CBS Internet Radio  Para X Home
Cave Radio Broadcasting (twice a week)
Tuesday 4PM PST
Replay Wednesday Night
& M-F 10 AM PST
The Opperman Report | Spreaker - Be Heard
Listen to The Opperman Report
The Opperman Report's tracks | Listen via Stitcher Radio On Demand
ITunes Podcast App 

You can promote your business, event or website at INCREDIBLY affordable rates and LOCK in those rates as we continue to add new stations and grow in listenership each week.

If yyou would like to subscribe to the members section I'm offering an end of month special to to cover this months expenses. If you send $60 directly vi apaypal I can give you one full hear membership subscription.

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