Saturday, September 5, 2015

Members Section Labor Day Weekend Special 10% OFF !!!


Thanks so much for Supporting The Opperman Report. It is only because of our loyal members that we are able to put on the Free shows on Friday night and the spontaneous shows that we put on to support social and community issues.

We have added a lot of great new content and have many new shows planned for the future.

If you are a loyal listener that 'gets it' and understands what we are trying to do you''ll be as excited as we are about the opportunity we have to greatly expand our audience.

The Opperman Report has been accepted by a top 10 AM station that covers 80% of the State of Arizona. We have been accepted by a network that covers 12 AM/FM stations in 8 cites.  We have also been accepted by another network that covers 5 Cities in two states PLUS worldwide satellite and shortwave coverage.

But we can't get there without sponsors and loyal subscribers to the members section.

Just think the reach we'll have with that vast of a mainstream audience. Just think of the kind of guests we'll be able to book. The injustice we'll be able to expose! The activists we'll be able to support!

If you have let your membership lapse you can take advantage of a 10% discount over the Labor Day weekend!

Just Paypal  $67.50 for one  year , $18 for three months or $6.20 for one month to

Once we are up and running on the new stations we'll be able to pick up sponsors and more members. Then we can afford to bring our content to the public via documentary films.

* In order to get the discount you must pay directly thru paypal. I have no way of discounting the TinyPass access.

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