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Friday, March 18, 2016

Opperman Report Audio & Video Updrades


Opperman Report Audio & Video Equip
 Popular new radio show wants to expand to TV and panel discussions of expert guests.

The Opperman Report is a voice for civil liberties, opposition to NWO and all their oppressive tactics. We need your support to expand our efforts of opposition and resistance to the NWO.
Specifically we need to expand on our broadcast capabilities.
This fund was initially set up to build a studio. Now we need equipment for field reporting and remote broadcasts.

HD Quality Video Camera $1600
DSLR Camera $175
Hand Held Digital Audio Recorder $150

We have official press access to all local and national election events and debates. In Las Vegas there are all sorts of meetings, conventions, seminars, lectures, demonstrations, court proceedings that we can cover and report on.

Additionally we have access and have buily a rapport with some of the most intersting people on Earth. Our plan is to use this video equipment to get these people on film while we can to use this footage for future documentary films.

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