Saturday, April 9, 2016

Leonard Ulrich : NWO, Illusion of Money

Leonard Ulrich : NWO, Illusion of Money

Ulrich provides us with history lessons
that will convince us conspiracies are real,
and that the USA is falling prey to illuminati
in our allegiance to a zionist war on terror
just like the Christians fell for the Nazis
in their frenzy to stop communism .
. JFKennedy and George Washington
believed in a global illuminati conspiracy;
28% of USA believe that a secret elite power
with a globalist agenda
is conspiring to rule the world.
. Ulrich provides evidence that every USA war
has been motivated by lies, falseflag attacks,
and deliberate self-sacrifices or gambits
all to popularize wars that will profit only the
international bankers and military contractors
-- wars that will boa-constrict us into WWIII
and then into the one-world governance;
because, only one government survives that

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