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Thursday, January 23, 2014

TH Johnson: Author Film Director Expert on OJ Simpson Murder Trial and Investigation

The Opperman Report Studio A
5:00 PM PST 8:00 EST 1/24/2013
Show Description:
  'As OMIG, (Ocean Medical Investigative Group's), investigative team coordinator, Thomas H. Johnson, is nicknamed the traffic cop in managing an eclectic group of investigators whose common goal has been the discovery of suppressed or concealed evidence in the OJ Simpson Murder case since 1996. Much of Johnson's and the OMIG group's discoveries point to Simpson's innocence and raises concerns of malfeasance by sworn court officers in regard to other suspects.
Because Johnson's high standard investigative expectation is based on the mantra "No One and Nothing is Granted the Privilege of Presumption" it requires that he motivate his investigators to dig deeper and move beyond presenting subjective evidence to OMIG as the ultimate truth.
He been called on to go into the investigative trenches by OMIG's chairman, Dr. Henry S. Johnson and its board, since 1996, in pursuit of indisputable objective evidence. Under his management the OMIG investigative department has revealed several irregularities in the Simpson case, including problems with the alleged Bruno Magli shoes, the crucial time of the last phone call to Nicole Brown Simpson, the murder weapons used and the hands in which they were wielded by assailants.
He reveals information regarding Ron Goldman and Goldman family connections left unexamined by law enforcement, and potential violent felons who were in close proximity to the murdered victims then known by law enforcement.

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