Friday, August 28, 2015

Daniel Hopsicker : Adnan Khashoggi !!!!

The Opperman Report 

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Daniel Hopsicker is an author, columnist and documentary filmaker, whose investigative reporting on the importance of state-sponsored aviation crime in international drug trafficking appears on his website,

He is the author of “Barry & the ‘boys’: The CIA, the Mob, and America’s Secret History (MadCowPress, Eugene, Or. 2001),a biography of the biggest cocaine smuggler and most famous CIA operative during much of the 1980’s, until his assassination in Baton Rouge La. In 1986.

And also “Welcome to TERRORLAND: Mohamed Atta and the 9/11 Cover-up in Florida (MadCowPress Eugene OR 2004, an in-depth look at the 9/11 hijacker’s activities and associates in the tiny Florida town where three of the four pilots involved in the attack learned to fly and which was all but-ignored by the mainstream media: Venice Florida, the biggest September 11 crime scene that wasn’t reduced to rubble.

His recent documentary, “The NEW American DrugLords,” is his sixth in a series on “America’s Secret History.”

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