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Monday, June 12, 2017

Jewel Star : Cosby's Love Child: The Untold Story of Autumn Jackson the ...


This compelling and true life story screams of betrayal, deceit,
and an unsolved mystery. It began when a budding young woman was lured
into a cunning and deceptive scheme which eventually became her undoing.
The tale may have gone unnoticed under normal circumstances. However,
the plot thickened when a famous celebrity, Bill Cosby, was the target
of a greedy rouse. The timing couldn't have been worse as it fell on the
heels of his son's murder. Ennis Cosby had been shot and killed the day
an alleged extortion letter was delivered to the comedian demanding
millions in hush money. During one of the most infamous trials of 1997
Cosby would face his adversary Autumn Jackson, and rue the day that she
was born. Jackson could do nothing more than look into her father's eyes
and weep for all that had never been. At least she believed the
entertainer to be her father. This complicated and twisted saga is
fraught with criminal and passion driven psychology. Who were the guilty
ones and who were the innocents? "I'm Autumn Jackson's aunt. I was
called on to be her traveling companion, confidant, and unlikely
bodyguard. When people asked me what happened, the answer was
complicated. A book needed to be written." Jewel Star Star is an award
winning author. You can preview her bio at:

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