Friday, June 9, 2017

Update!! Free Book!! Special Archives!!


Subject  I'd Like To give you a Free Autographed Book!!

I'd like to thank all my loyal supporters by offering a free copy of my book How To Become a Successful Private Investigator! $19.99 value
The book is a great educational tool for folks interested in a career as a PI but also valuable to the average person that enjoys researching or locating people  There's even advice on tips when hiring a private Investigator.

The first chapter is a bio of my life an adventures that would surely be of interest to any listener of the show.

The book is FREE with every 1 year membership subscription to the Members Section at  ($74.99) Just email OppermanReport@gmail .com after subscribing.

You can get additionalk savings by subscribing with me directly, 13 months for $69.99 AND a FREE BOOK!! Just Email and I'll send a paypal invoice.

If you're already a member and you already have a book you can still support the show with a donation!!

Thank you so much for all your love , prayers and support

Ed Opperman
Opperman Report

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