Thursday, December 18, 2014

Please Help Save My Family

The Nevada Board Of Psychological Examiners has AGAIN declined to follow up on our complaint against Dr Jaime Austin.

Please contact Board office at 775-688-1268 or by email Ask them why they are not following up on the Ed Opperman compliant against Dr Jaime Austin.

Ask them why they have not reviewed this complaint and when do they plan to start doing their jobs and enforcing NV regulations regarding ethical behavior of their licensees.

This Board is overseen by The Nevada Governors office . Please contact
Address: 555 East Washington Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone:(702) 486-2500

Congressman Joe Hecks Office

Setnator Harry Reid

Please keep your email or phone call limited to the NV Board Of Psychological Examiners evaluation of Ed Opperman's complaint against Dr Jaime Austin. This board HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY CUSTODY LITIGATION.

The only issue to bring up is my complaint against Austin, when will they review it, when will the decide on it.

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