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Thursday, December 18, 2014

William Zabel: Conspiracy at Columbine

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William Zabel: Bio
William began researching political, social, and economic crimes by the U.S.
Government in 1989 after the Panama invasion where the U.S. Military
committed numerous crimes against the Panamanian people to include murder
and rape of civilians.
William’s first work was in fact Panama as he was there to photograph the events
for Associated Press International. Some of that photographic work was
presented in the film; The Panama Deception. From there William collected
documents and video evidence concerning the Rocky Flats scandal involving
possible theft of nuclear material in the 90’s. This material was presented in the
two hour documentary; On Deadly Ground: The Rocky Flat’s Cover-up.
William attended graphic design and film school and after graduating has been
using those skills to expose government corruption including school shootings
through the web and documentary films.
Contact Details:
William Zabel
P.O. Box 1171
Brighton, Colorado 80601
Phone: (720) 518-1215

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