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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Carolina Sarassa: Dancing On Her Grave

Author Carolina Sarassa is an award-winning news reporter, now anchor of the national nightly news for Latino network MundoFox. She was the first to break the story of the shocking murder, and became the journalist who forged the closest association with the key players, including Flores’ roommate, parents and former boyfriends. “Dancing on Her Grave: The Murder of a Las Vegas Showgirl” brings Sarassa’s unparalleled chronicle of events to life, providing readers with a detailed depiction of this tragic true crime. But beyond the investigation, and beyond the trial is a moving cautionary tale of one of society’s most urgent social problems – domestic violence.

An ambiguous text message Debbie left behind for her mother led authorities to her charismatic boyfriend, Jason “Blu” Griffith, a fellow Vegas dancer. When the details of the crime unfolded, Blu was hiding a terrible secret, one that involved a rental van, bags of cement, two plastic tubs, and a handsaw. Debbie’s dreams of a dazzling career became a nightmare. How could a girl with such passion and promise come to an end so violent and unexpected? In time, the truth would reveal a life more tumultuous than believed – and what exactly transpired on Debbie’s tragic final day will blow readers minds.

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