Thursday, April 16, 2015

Toby Rogers: Ganja Godfather: Untold Story of NYC’s Weed Kingpin & Ambushed : Secrets of The Bush Family

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The Ganja Godfather:
The Untolld Story of NYC’s Weed Kiingpiin
Genovese mob-scion Silvio Eboli lived within the shadows of history, and now for the first time, the untold story of a mafia legend is revealed. The Ganja Godfather (Trineday, March 23, 2015, ISBN: 978-1937584955) s the story about an ongoing organized criminal operation, in real time with firsthand accounts and experiences by award-winning author and investigative journalist, Toby Rogers.

Shadowing the Ganja Godfather, Rogers witnesses it all standing next to the Boss himself: violence, drugs, celebrities, girls, construction hustles, crime-family business meetings and social gatherings. From strip clubs in Atlantic City to Sunday night dinner with the wife and kids, Rogers experiences whatever the Ganja Godfather does on any given day. As exhilarating as Silvio’s life had become, it certainly was much more stressful behind  the scenes. Being the Empire State’s spliff king was undoubtedly the hardest job in New York. And it was only after Silvio finally got to the top of the mountain that he realized just how easy it was to fall over the edge.
With a wife and kids, dysfunctional family business obligations, and an out-of-control social life all pulling him in conflicting paths, Silvio struggled keep the empire moving forward without detection from law enforcement. But when he was introduced to a Colombian cocaine princess with aspirations to become a model, he saw an opportunity to expand the family’s profit margins to unimaginable heights and risked it all despite the collision course with disaster he saw right before him.

Toby Rogers is an award winning author and investigative journalist. He has written for the New York Times, New York Post, Village Voice, High Times, Clamor Magazine, and Houston’s Public News. He has been featured on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Democracy Now, with Amy Goodman as well as the National Enquirer. He was a consultant and featured in HBO’s Horns and Halos documentary.
Rogers’ first book, Ambushed: Secrets of the Bush Family, was featured in newspapers and magazines in America and internationally. rThe New York Times described Rogers as “a hell of a journalist,” and Ambushed as “very impressive top notch stuff.”

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