Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Russ Dizdar :Occult Crimes

The Opperman Report Studio A
11:00 AM PST 2:00 EST
12/19/2013 Show Description:

Russ Dizdar

Coming out of the 60's into the 70's Russ was a rock n rolling bar fighting party-er, consuming drugs/alcohol and searching every door to meaning he could get his hands on. He was a dabbler in dark occultism and a practitioner of golden Buddha meditation where he was trained in astral projection to seek the ascended masters.... Russ says 'I sought to experience anything spiritual, supernatural and alternative I could find what it was I was looking for.' But I didn't, instead I found myself on the edge of death and hell itself.... see more below under Once Blind.

Russ Dizdar, started out in the AOG Church, was licensed to and then Ordained to the ministry October 1978 reformation Sunday at Green Baptist Church by the SBC. He has served as Sr. Pastor of 4 churches in the last 30 years. He was also Ex. Director of Greater Akron Youth For Christ, a Police Chaplain UNIT 78 UAPD. He is (1982) Founder and now directs Shatter the Darkness and Preemption Broadcast (2007). He has preached in Churches in 8 states, held training seminars and loves to do crusade evangelism. He has launched web sites and broadcasts messages that have been heard and downloaded in over 110 countries. The internet sites have gotten over 4 million hits by its 2ed year with over 700,000 downloads of messages, teaching material with evangelistic effort and will reach 1 million 900,000 downloads of these messages with over 30 million hits for 2010.

Russ has been on many radio stations for interviews most of which are archived on the web. Russ has spoken and presented sessions at conferences in Ghent W.V., Michigan, New England area, Sharpsville PA, Washington PA, St Louis, New York, Indiana, Nashville Tenn. and Las Vegas, Groton CT, Mansfield OH, Branson Mo, and Canton Ohio. He has launched REEP mission trips in over 60 cites and one into France in 2012.

Russ has studied at Cumberland College 'Biblical Studies', the University of Akron 'Criminology' and 'Military science', 2 1/2 years at Moody Bible School and in 1984 at Malone College went through graduating services for a BA in Religion/Philosophy, with advanced studies in Theology, Apologetics and Greek.

He has studied at Emerge counseling center...Basics of Biblical Counseling, Crisis Counseling and other various training there. Training in Nothetic Counseling, Theophostics, Wise Counsel SBC, Mind Control deprogramming and Exit Counseling. Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy (OPOTA), UAPD police training, DEFTEC law enforcement training in advanced occult and cult crimes. 6 Specialized Occult/satanic crimes training seminars with Tom Wedge/author of The Satan Hunter.

He has been to many training conferences and seminars including those on Satanic Ritual Abuse, SRA-MPD-DID, Mind Control, Spiritual Warfare, Abduction Research, Deliverance/Evangelism and other various fields.

Youth for Christ USA training in leadership, evangelism and youth ministry, International Police Chaplin's courses, Navigators discipleship, MasterLife and MasterBuilders discipleship/leadership training. Church leadership, growth and other seminars, courses and conferences in Church related leadership, management and development.

Russ currently seeks to master NT Greek vocabulary & NT manuscripts and Systematic Theology.  Current aggressive studies include Surveillance Technologies, Private Investigations, Criminal Profiling, Forensics, Counter Infiltration Procedures and Trace Evidence. Trans humanism, AI, Theoretical Physics, Political ideology and scoping out the rise of luciferic globalism.

He has written and taught 14 college level courses locally over the last 30 years. A major course he as taught is 'Preemptive Systematic Theology' and offers these courses as Internet external learnin

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ole Dammegard : Coup d'etat in Slowmotion, JFK, John Lennon Princess Di Assassinations

The Opperman Report Studio A
11:00 AM PST 2:00 EST
12/12/2013 Show Description:

 Ole Dammegard 

 Light On Conspiracy

Dear Friends, my name is Ole Dammegård, I'm a prize winning author, investigator, former journalist, etc. For more than 20 years I have worked hard on exposing some of the biggest conspiracies around the globe, something that has turned out to be a very dangerous task.

I humbly believe that I've now managed to more or less solve the assassination of the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, one of the world's greatest murder mysteries, combining the extensive research done by myself and other heavy weight private researchers like Lars Borgnäs, Sven Anér, Anders Jallai, Gunnar Wall, Anders Leopold, Henry Söderström, and Fritz G. Peterson among others. The result is my book 'Coup d'etat in Slowmotion (Statskupp i Slowmotion), available here in both English and Swedish.

This extensive investigation has also revealed incredible links between big political 'events' like the killing of JFK, John Lennon, Robert Kennedy, Che Guevara, Salvador Allende, and Pablo Neruda as well as the cold-blooded sinking of m/s Estonia, taking almost 1000 innocent lives.

I have made many international radio interviews on stations like Red Ice Creations, Project Camelot, Veritas, Global Peace Radio, and Super Woo Radio which has caused a tidal wave of international interest (more than 60 000 hits from 95 countries on this site) and shows that there is a great awakening going on.

It is important to point out that I'm not here to spread fear. My goal is to prevent the Global Elite from turning this beautiful world into a controlled and horrible place and I am totally dedicated to revealing their agenda, including False Flag-operations all over the world.

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We all deserve so much better.
It's time to stop the madness and
wake up the world with love.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

John Lennon Assassination, Mark David Chapman - Conspiracy of Silence - Rod Harrel

The Opperman Report Studio A
11:00 AM PST 2:00 EST
12/05/2013 Show Description:


Rod Harrel is an actor, writer and filmmaker who has worked in both visual media and the theatre, primarily in Washington and Oregon. While he lived in Portland he co-founded three theatres, including Stark Raving Theatre, and started Orthicon Ghost Productions. The documentary, "John Lennon - a conspiracy of silence" was released in 2010, based on an earlier article Rod wrote for the weekly "PDXS". He currently lives in the Los Angeles.