Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Opperman Report Special Announcement

Opperman Report is in urgent need for donations or subscriptions.
I can offer 13 months for $69 if you pay me directly at Oppermanreport@gmail.com
This month I had an expensive computer repair bill of $139 also this month the domain name registration and hosting bill is due for www.awakeradio.us.
This is in addition to the normal monthly expenses like $100 per month to maintain Spreaker, the costs for www.oppermanreport.com, voscast server hosting, skype
Normally these expenses arte covers by new memberships but this month has been unusually slow. Many of these bills will be coming due in the next 8 days and this month I will not be able to foot the bill for these expenses because I have my own personal bills and expenses to cover. http://www.oppermanreport.com/donate/