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Friday, October 31, 2014

6 PM PST Celestino Mota: From Mexico The 46 Student Kidnappings & Mass Graves

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His father is Northamerican and mother from the village where he now resides, Celestino was raised in the United States as a young child - he was educated in elementary school by Catholic nuns at Saint Catherine's, in western Pennsylvania.  

Celestino is able to explain - in perfectly good English - so our listeners will be able to understand this very strange news event, which has led, as of October 27th, 2014 to the appointment of a new Governor of the State of Guerrero as Angél Aguirre lost his Governship over this incident.

What actually happened?  

The mass-media focuses on the discovery of mass clandestine graves on the hills outside of town.  In twelve Municipal governments in northern Guerrero, hundreds of police were subsequently arrested all of them drug-tested, and closely interrogated by federal officials in locations far from Guerrero. The Mayor of Iguala and his wife are fugitives, and serious criminal charges are being brought against them.   Supposedly, the students were taken to Cocula and turned over to the Guerrero Unidos gang executioners who were told that these were members of the Red Gang; their fate remains, to this day, unknown.

Celestino with tell you something about the extraordinary history of the so-called narco-wars that have raged in Guerrero.  The flamboyance of the massacres, and murders, shocked everybody!

Celestino Mota does not pretend to have insider information; he is nothing but a humble person whose main gainful employment is as a professional driver, transporting the parish priest to masses in remote locations. He does work as a tourist guide sometimes, when it is a particular good opportunity, and sometimes he does written English and Spanish translations to make money.  He does not belong to any political party, and he is freely offering his testimony in the spirit of truth and he has a really amazing story to tell about what happened in Iguala that night!


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