Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Joe DiToma : The Cult of the Black Sun

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I was born in the Bronx NY in 1954 to two hard working parents of Italian descent. I lived in the Arthur Ave section of the Bronx until I was ten. We then moved to the Northeast Bronx near the Mount Vernon/ Yonkers border. I attended both public and Catholic schools and graduated Salesian Preparatory High School in New Rochelle. My Father was a Golden Gloves boxer and fourth Degree Knight in the KofC. He was also a high ranking member of a secretrative sect of the KofC known as the Alhambras. I gained my questioning mind from him. I had run ins with cults in the Bronx including David Berkowitz and the Son of Sam group which led me on a search to find out more about these groups and their origins.

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