Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rev Al Sharpton: FBI Informant, Gop Stooge , Old Friend :(

Rev Al Sharpton
I've been trying to put together a show about Rev Al. Most people don't realize that Sharpton was a full blown FBI informant for many years, secretly tape recording activists and organized crime figures. There was an excellent investigation published by Smoking Gun on this subject.
Another thing most people are unaware about Sharpton is that he is a stooge for the GOP. They ran his political campaigns. This has been covered in an excellent series of Village Voice articles.
Most of the people you'll hear complaining about Rev Al Sharpton are right wing Republicans. They'll decry him as a race baiting profiteer. Yet all indications point to Rev Al being a stooge for their very own party!
It's also very concerning to me to see the good Reverend showing up at demonstrations calling for the Federal Govt to come in and take over investigations. Like Ferguson. Then lo and behold the Feds can't find anything to prosecute on. The right declares that "Even the radical Sharpton and his racist buddy Holder could not trump up charges against this poor police officer Wilson".
Not to blow my own horn, but these days my live weekly radio shows and all the replays and archives of my live Friday night show will get more listens and plays than or yet I cannot for the life of me get a rep from either of these very well documented investigations to come on my show.  For the life of me I can't understand why they would not want this story to get more exposure.
I also want to disclose here That I knew Rev Al Sharpton back in NYC in the 70s and 80s, we marched together, my lawyer was on the defense in the Howard Beach case. I was at meetings involving Sharpton and his security and intelligence staff. I'm sure I'm on the tapes he turned over to FBI. .
So I've decided to move ahead with this show. I'll just do it myself without a guest and put it up in the Opperman Report Members Section. So please stay tuned and keep an eye out for this very important episode of The Opperman Report

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