Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Guest JAMES M ROTHSTEIN NYPD Ret. - Process Church, Son of Sam, Manson,


United States Navy, Deck Hand
Chase Manhattan Bank, Computer Proof and Distribution
1965-1980 New York City Police Department, Police Officer and  Detective
1980-Present Researcher and Consultant

Fifteen years experience with the New York City Police Department, Police Operations and Investigations.
February 1965 to June 1965; New York City Police Academy. Basics in Law Enforcement, Criminal Law, Use of Weapons, and Necessary Force.
June 1965 to January 1967; Patrol Midtown Manhattan, Introduction the basics of Patrol and Law Enforcement.
January 1967 to January 1971; Plainclothes Anti-Crime Patrol, Plainclothes Investigator, Undercover Surveillance, re: Pimps, Prostitutes, Narcotics, and Organized Crime.
January 1971 to March 1973; Plainclothes and Undercover Investigator. Headquarters Special Investigations; re: Vice, Narcotics, Corruption, Intelligence, Electronic and Photo Surveillance.
March 1973 to March 1980; Detective specializing in Vice related crimes, Intelligence on a local and national level. Special Assignments.
March 1980 to present; Researcher and Consultant; continued the work started as a Detective, on a National and International Level.

New York State Select Committee on Crime; Investigator and Advisor, A study into the Effects of Crime on Society.
Policy Science Corporation; assigned as an Advisor and Consultant.
Internal Revenue Service; Special Assignment, Investigator and Advisor. Criminal Prosecution of National Pimp Organization and Intelligence Networking.
New York State Liquor Authority; Intelligence co-ordinator and Advisor.
Other Police Agencies in the United States; developed a National Information Data Base tracking prostitution ( male and female ) and the trafficking of children.

Inslaw-Promis Software; The theft of the proprietary rights to computer software developed by Bill and Nancy Hamilton.
The Oaklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Building; The involvement of Iraqi Terrorists in the OKC bombing.
The Sexual Abuse Crisis In the Catholic Church; The Infiltration of and the Cover-up by the Church.

Retired Detective Jim Rothstein as a member of the New York City Police Department and his retirement from the New York City Police Depart in 1980 to the present, has continued his work as a researcher and consultant on human trafficking Det. Rothstein worked with various out of state agencies, officers, departments, professional groups, and numerous federal agencies to develop the expertise so vital to be effective. Det. Rothstein’s assignment to the New York State Select Committee Crime was also the end of his career. These hearings were ordered by Governor Carey of the State of New York and a Bi-partisan Legislative Committee. The mandate was to find what the effects these crimes were having on society. The most important lessons learned was that there must be absolute integrity, honesty, trust, and don’t use the merchandise. Honesty without integrity does little to help the Investigator establish credibility. You don’t break the law to enforce the law. If these principals are not followed closely, all trust is destroyed and you will become totally ineffective.

The bright side of human trafficking; these are the true stories of Retired New York City Detective James Rothstein. There is a message and a lesson in every story. On the street, he was known as “Boots,” because he always wore black cowboy boots. Detective Rothstein was told he had been awarded nine medals. He never filed a request for recognition unless he was ordered to do so. Det. Rothstein never accepted or displayed any of these medals. Det. Rothstein always believed he had done his job to the best of his ability as a sworn Police Officer. These stories touch the heart and soul of the toughest Detective and are never forgotten. The names may be forgotten (he tries) but the faces and memories are always there. These are the forgotten children, prostitutes, victims of pedophilia, and others. There is no individual discrimination; they are all discriminated against, Black, White, Yellow, Indian, and whatever else there may be. They may be Catholics, Protestants, or any other denomination; they are all victims. Nobody cared or cares.

The Dark Side of human trafficking, prostitution, pedophilia, and corruption go far beyond human comprehension. It is a world of “Smoke and Mirrors,” where “Deceit and Deception” are the norm. The degradation, torture, and mental manipulation of the victims that were uncovered in the investigations, conducted by Rothstein (Boots), were never made public. They were not politically correct, or feel-good do-good. You cannot disguise decadence with the smell of clover or the pureness of a white lily. It is what it is, vulgar and despicable. Great effort was taken by the powers to be to discredit and cover-up the findings. Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies have no problem doing low level investigations. When they go after the “Big Time” traffickers they have problems. ANY investigators, prosecutors, or other authorities that do an in-depth investigation are stopped by the powers to be and their careers are ruined

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