Friday, February 6, 2015

Ed Opperman Nominated Top 100 Most Sucessful Men In Vegas

Hi guys , I'm very pleased to announce that Ed Opperman and The Opperman Report radio show has been nominated to my Las Vegas magazines yearly coverage of top successful and influential people in Vegas.

Let's take The Opperman Report to the next level.

A great way to attract advertisers and benefit our current sponsors is to get our name out in the public. I want to attract more LOCAL advertisers.

Please visit My Vegas magazine at this link
My name is Ed Opperman and my email is

You can come up with your own reasons why you think I'm successful but I'd like too highlight my role as a dad that never  gives up and the meteoric rise of our radio show The Opperman Report

I'd also like to advocate for my friend Tamra Trainer

I am asking every single one of my friends to click on the link below and vote for me to be one of the "100 Influential Women in Vegas". Aside from this being such an honor for me, this would also open necessary doors to bring a Health & Fitness project I am currently working on to Life that's will have a huge positive impact on the lives of all Children & Teens in Foster Care in Clark County. My email address is:

As time goes on I'll pick a lawyer and Dr etc to endorse.


  1. Good luck Ed Opperman. I just voted for you.

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to support you, Ed!! Your show is fantastic - covering important issues. And it is so wonderful that your number one priority is your children! Hope to speak with you soon!