Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Daniel Estulin Award Winning Investiagative Journalist, International Bestselling Author, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

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Daniel Estulin
Award Winning Investiagative Journalist, International
Bestselling Author, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Daniel Estulin is a dangerous man to the status quo. Possessed, obsessed, tenacious and
courageous, an award-winning investigative journalist, he is a man who has been in the crosshairs
of the global power brokers for almost two decades. He is our preeminent historian of the
global elite, a scholar of remarkable breadth and erudition and one of the world’s most outspoken
public intellectuals. Estulin doesn’t mince words and he doesn’t hold back when naming names,
and when identifying the cauldrons of chaos they have created. Over the past 20 years, he has
exposed these and other “Shadow Masters” among the secret global power elite as the coolly
vicious orchestrators of wars, terrorism, drug trafficking and grand-scale theft.

Served by minions with recognizable names, the Shadow Masters further their agendas using
public monies and government resources around the world as if they personally owned them.
Meanwhile, banks launder hundreds of billions of narco-dollars yearly. In his international best
seller, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, Mr Estulin was the first man to publicly expose
this shadowy cabal of some of the world’s most powerful behind the scenes manipulators. Again
and again, Daniel Estulin bravely journeys to the epicenter of hell to uncover some of the most
mind boggling crimes by the men who run the world from behind the scenes.

Mr. Estulin is inarguably one of the world’s most daring and experienced reporter on the global
power elite. At a great person cost and unimaginable personal risk, Mr. Estulin has demonstrated
a clear understanding of the differences between those who would seek to do evil, and their
victims...and has gone to incredible lengths to bring to the task their crimes. He meticulously
documents his reporting and has developed sources other journalists don’t even know exist.
Asked why he practices such a difficult and controversial brand of journalism, Estulin replies,
“Because universal corruption and abuse of power and privileges at the deepest levels of society
must be exposed and because I refuse to turn my back on inhumanity and violence.”

Estulin doesn’t just inspire us, he informs us with his intelligence, authenticity, generosity and
compassion. Daniel Estulin provides the information, tools, and motivation necessary to inspire
and catalyze strategic citizen action. In doing so, his work strengthens movements, ensures a
more just system, and brings us closer to the promise of democracy.

His Nobel nomination is a tribute and recognition for all the work in fighting, exposing and
risking his life for the common good of the human race.


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