Sunday, May 3, 2015

Jeffrey Epstein case Updates!

Tonight 6 PM PST

  Birds of a Feather...

April 25th The U.S. District Court of Florida  ruled that the wealthy 62-year-old “has not demonstrated that good cause exists” to continue to keep official documentation “of any and all correspondence in this case” confidential, setting up Epstein for potentially-damaging info to be made public.
An “interest in public disclosure” takes priority over “Epstein’s interest” in keeping the info under wraps, the West Palm Beach-based court said.

If Epstein does not successfully win an appeal of this ruling we will see the details of the please negotiations, possibly including co-conspirators involvement. 

Below is a recent interview on The Truth Speaks, hosted by Dylan Wade.

Tonight I'll be doing a special broadcast on this topic. First hour I'll be playing a recent appearance on Truth Frequency Network. Then I'll go live with an update and take listeners calls. 702 605 4894

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  1. Excellent, in detailed,precision, presentation of the Epstein "escapades".