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Jewel Star : Cosby's Love Child: The Untold Story of Autumn Jackson the Alleged Daughter of Entertainer Bill Cosby

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 Cosby's Love Child: The Untold Story of Autumn Jackson the Alleged Daughter of Entertainer Bill Cosby

JEWEL N STAR, has been the winner of the CROWHURST LITERARY AWARD, and received Honorable Mention by the nationally renowned WRITER'S DIGEST.

A passionate adventurer, Star left her birthplace of California in the late 1960s to explore the United States. She worked her way around the country, and then expanded her travels abroad. In the mid-1970s, she returned to California and settled down to be a wife, mother, farmer, artist, and eventually a writer.

Star was in her mid-thirties when she realized her passion was to become an author. It was a long time in the coming, but when she looked back at her history it made sense. Always an avid reader, and a detailed story teller, she found that the words she wanted to share were easily accessible.

After practicing the art of writing for nearly a decade, and with only a few stories and poems to show, Star realized that to be a serious writer she would have to return to college and learn the particulars of the craft. Fortuitously, she signed up for an English class instructed by Professor Robert Kirk, Ph.D. and he became her biggest fan. He encouraged her to enter her writing in an upcoming competition which she won, "hands down" according to one of her benefactors.

After receiving national recognition, Star was ready to devote her talent to being a wordsmith. Not sure what direction to take, she realized that by specializing in technical and business writing she would be able to fine hone her skill.

While working for the marketing firm DME (Direct Mail Express) in Florida in 2000, Star was able to exercise and grow in her writing expertise before starting her own copy-writing business, ProStar Services, LLC. During that time, she was an educational book ghostwriter, and a copywriter of instructional manuals and guidebooks, marketing collateral, direct mail, etc. She was also certified as a Professional Consultant by the American Consultants League, and was a member of the AWAI (American Writers and Artists Institute).

In 2005, Star added the feather of Realtor to her working cap. She was a third generation Realtor, and had two siblings who were also working in real estate. It was a natural fit with her marketing background and writing skills. Little did she realize at the time that she would contribute to the profession by one day writing about real estate, and her book: 7 MAGIC KEYS TO BUYING A HOME, What Savvy Buyers Need to Know, can be found on her Author's Page.

Retired from the workforce in 2013, Star moved Off Grid. She is writing about her current lifestyle and maintains an ongoing blog on the subject: Off Grid Living Revealed. She is devoting her "retirement" to uploading the many unpublished manuscripts, self-help books, novels and short stories that have been stacking up untouched over the years. She also has many topics on the table yet to be written and a couple of more novels to finish. She won't be retiring from writing any time soon!

Star states, "I was told that it's not enough to write a book; you have to share it with readers for the cycle to be complete."

This compelling and true life story screams of betrayal, deceit, and an unsolved mystery. It began when a budding young woman was lured into a cunning and deceptive scheme which eventually became her undoing. The tale may have gone unnoticed under normal circumstances. However, the plot thickened when a famous celebrity, Bill Cosby, was the target of a greedy rouse. The timing couldn’t have been worse as it fell on the heels of his son's murder. Ennis Cosby had been shot and killed the day an alleged extortion letter was delivered to the comedian demanding millions in hush money. During one of the most infamous trials of 1997 Cosby would face his adversary Autumn Jackson, and rue the day that she was born. Jackson could do nothing more than look into her father's eyes and weep for all that had never been. At least she believed the entertainer to be her father. This complicated and twisted saga is fraught with criminal and passion driven psychology. Who were the guilty ones and who were the innocents? “I’m Autumn Jackson’s aunt. I was called on to be her traveling companion, confidant, and unlikely bodyguard. When people asked me what happened, the answer was complicated. A book needed to be written.” Jewel Star

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