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Fiona Barnett 'Candy Girl" : Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor / Anthony Kidman Accuser

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Fiona Rae Holowczak was born October 28, 1969, in Sydney, Australia.  The surname Holowczak belonged to the man her parents believed to be her paternal grandfather.  When Fiona was 15 years of age, her true paternal grandfather was located in Jelenia Gora, Poland.  Fiona and her six younger siblings subsequently had new birth certificates issued featuring their actual surname – Rylko.
Fiona underwent another name change after marrying Englishman Jon Barnett.  The couple reside with their two exceptional children on Australia’s far northern New South Wales coast.  Jon is a blood relative to Toni Gardiner, the mother of King Hussein of Jordan.
Fiona is academic by nature and has spent too many years compensating for her poor public school education.  She has studied visual arts, education, art therapy and psychology at a tertiary level.  In 2010, Fiona had almost completed a masters in forensic psychology at a private Gold Coast university, when certain staff targeted her for removal from the psychology industry.  This attack immediately followed her adherence to mandatory reporting legislation regarding disclosure of child abuse allegations by a client in the Bond University Psychology Clinic.  This attack was one of many endured since escaping her childhood perpetrators.  Bond University staff conspired to mislead authorities regarding Fiona’s age at the time of her child abuse experiences.  They reported her as an adult perpetrator, instead of a child victim of the crimes she experienced, to the Queensland Police and Psychology Board.  Select staff within these government organisations then collaborated with Bond University to destroy Fiona’s chosen profession.  They also targeted her physical safety.
This pinnacle attack on Fiona’s life triggered a chain of events that led to the existence of the Pedophiles Down Under website.  Tired of the constant threats to her family’s safety, and incessant sabotage of her efforts to participate normally in Australian society, Fiona realised she had no choice but to go public.  In 2013, Fiona provided witness testimony to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse.  She simultaneously participated in mainstream media interviews and published a series of articles in a popular Australian online news journal.  Fiona’s public disclosure led to other Australian victims coming forward and requesting assistance and exposure for their experiences.  Her official complaint against key perpetrator, and high profile Australian psychologist, Dr Antony Kidman immediately preceded his mysterious death in Singapore and attracted global attention.
Fiona has since relinquished any desire for acceptance or recognition within mainstream Australian society.  She is currently studying law for the purpose of keeping her hungry brain satiated, and to better understand her legal rights and options in the face of perpetual threat and harassment from those who misuse their power and authority to maintain the VIP pedophile network’s agenda.
Yes – Fiona is ‘just an attention seeker.’  She seeks to draw the public’s attention to the true nature and extent of child sex trafficking within Australian society.  This criminal industry depends on the clandestine support and involvement of representatives from all aspects of Australian government including legal, health and educational.
No – Fiona is ‘not normal.’  Comprehensive testing has consistently shown her cognitive ability to fall within the far right tail on the normal distribution curve.  Her brain has unusual physical structure and function; it is denser and more interconnected. This permits Fiona to perceive patterns and relationships between seemingly unrelated bits of information.  It allows her to think in a highly abstract and unconventional manner, to predict human reactions long before they happen, and to notice things others simply don’t.  This unique capacity tends to unnerve observers, when it is simply the product of an unusually fast brain.
Fiona’s cognitive make-up also gives her a rare sense of empathy – the ability to place herself in other peoples’ shoes.  This is why Fiona, while busy processing her own horror memories plus managing the constant barrage of physical attacks on her young family, musters the time and energy to help others.  Her advocacy efforts were well demonstrated in the Gold Coast Hogtie Doctor case

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