Thursday, December 20, 2012

Advice From a Child Safety Advocate Kathy Picard

Have you ever thought about your husband or wife having a problem with abusing a child. A child that is in your family.

Well it does happen. With the statistics one in every 5 children will be a victim of sexual abuse before their 18th birthday. You may think to yourself I a having sex with them on a regular basis. Think again this doesn't matter.
A predator is not a creepy looking man or woman, 93% of the cases is someone the child knows and trusts. What can you do? Ask questions to the child, "Is someone harming you, touching you?" Ask these questions often.

I wish when I was a child someone asked me. I wish someone told me it IS okay to tell and not to keep a secret as I was told to do. Unfortunatey I was abused from 7-17. I am fortunate though and speak of my abuse and am a survivor. You can never "Investigate" enough!
Guest Author:
Kathy Picard is a child safety advocate. If you suspect someone you know may be involved in child porn you can have your computer hard drive examined or run an online investigation to trace their email address back to porn sites. For more info visit

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