Tuesday, December 25, 2012

NRA Call For Armed Guards in Schools Will Ensure School Shootings

Recently in reaction to the Sandy hook school shooting NRA executive Wayne LaPierre called for putting an armed guard in every school. He feels this would be a reasonable defense to the phenomenon of US school massacres. At first glance this might seem like a reasonable possible solution. However after some careful consideration we may find out this so called solution would certainly guarantee another school shooting and student death.

Here is my reasoning on this proposal.

If we were to introduce armed guards into schools the original mandate would be to defend against "lone nut" massacres aimed at school children. These guards would be hired and installed based on the goal of protecting students against people like Adam Lanza, Dylan and Klebold and the like. But there have only been roughly 100 such school massacres world wide since 1996.

While this is still a huge number of unnecessary deaths, it is still only a small fraction of daily school violence incidents. Every day in schools all across America school officials must deal with minor incidents of thefts, threats, assaults and drug sales and uses. It is only logical that these armed guards that are being assigned to defend students against assault wielding nuts the fact is these armed guards would be turned to for help on a regular basis to deal with these routine and HS fistfights.

How long before a child is held at gun point in a minor arrest for a fist fight or theft? How long before a child is shot in the name of officer safety? The student made a furtive motion, armed guard thought he saw a weapon and an unarmed child is shot dead?
While armed guards might seem like a quick solution it only guarantees the future unnecessary death of a child.

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