Sunday, September 28, 2014

Urgent Plea Help Save My Family

Update on Custody Stuff:
Hi guys we are making some progress in fighting but there is a new court appearance coming up. Not sure when, there's no date. We have other avenues we are pursuing to get justice but all will take time and money.There are things we're working on that we will not be able to disclose for years until after all this is over. But just please understand the seriousness of all this and the suffering of my family.

I would not be going public like this if the situation were not desperate. A $5 or $10 donation is desperately needed.

We have been devastated financially in this struggle and desperately need your help TODAY!
You can donate directly at oppermanreport@gmail,com or thru gofundme.
We need immediate financial assistance to secure representation at this next hearing.

Friday, September 26, 2014

David McGowan & William Ramsey ; West Memphis Three

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Tune in tonight as Ed Opperman welcomes Special Guests:

William Ramsey author of: 
 Abomination: Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis Three Murder,  Aleister Crowley: A Visual Study and Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order (Volume 1) 

 Dave McGowan author of:
Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder Understanding the F-Word, Derailing Democracy, Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Paul Gaudet Candidate for Family Court Judge Dept L / Attny Mary Perry

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48 year old father of 3 children
22 years resident of Clark County, Nevada
Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Southeastern Louisiana University
Experienced Auditor/Accountant
Juris Doctorate from Louisiana State University
22 years practicing attorney in Clark County, Nevada
Law practice focusing on Domestic/Family issues and general civil litigation
Extensive trial/courtroom experience, having tried hundreds of cases before the District Courts of Clark County, Federal Courts, Bankruptcy Courts, and other State Courts
Experience as Arbitrator/Mediator for State Bar of Nevada
Experience as Juvenile Hearing Officer in Clark County
Experience as Small Claims Officer in Clark County
Experience as Truancy Hearing Officer in Clark County
Honored as Top 100 Trial Lawyers of American Trial Lawyer's Association
Honored as Mountain States Super Lawyer
Small business owner in Clark County, Nevada for 22 years
 Mary Perry

                           I was raised in Hardy Arkansas, which had a population of 750 people. That population has not
moved much since my younger days. It had few opportunities for raising a family without
government assistance, at least part of the time. We did not even have a McDonalds. My Mom
and Dad supported us by being truck drivers, waiting tables, and jack of all trades just to keep
food on the table. When my parents offered to send me through college, I turned them down. I
knew I would not appreciate it as much if I did not earn it myself.

I followed the path of many of the young girls in Hardy follow: have children, get married, work
odd jobs. I had a daughter, got married and worked by bailing hay, cutting wood, and even as a
caretaker. My marriage fell apart, so I joined the Air Force at 21.

I loved serving my country. This was some of the best years of my life and I grew up, finally.
Unfortunately, I was medically discharged eight and a half years later. I moved to Las Vegas as
my final destination out of the Air Force

While trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my, I worked as a keno runner,
armed security, and in retail. Finally, I realized I would never earn more than $12.00 an hour, if I
never went to college. I know how hard it is to raise a family and pay bills on a small pay check.
In May 1996, I graduated from UNLV with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. I
still could not find a job that would pay more than $12.00 per hour starting out. It was
disheartening. I decided I wanted to be an attorney and was lucky enough to be accepted at
William S. Boyd's School of Law, at UNLV, It was Boyd's Charter Class and I was lucky
enough to be a part of setting the standard for all other graduating classes.

Even though I have experience in criminal law and personal injury, my passion is Family Law:
divorce, child custody, child support, guardianships, abuse & neglect, etc., I have developed a
deep respect and affection for the unique complexities that involve family law. So much so, I
have represented over 1,000 clients, including more than 100 pro bono, in 13 years. I am known
for assisting people around the courthouse just because they looked confused. I sit down with
them and help with their paperwork and explain as much as possible. There are countless times I
have done this. The court staff knows if I am there, I am willing to help with people at their
window, when the clerks are unable to help.

I am licensed in Nevada and Hawaii, and I am currently studying for the Missouri and Arkansas

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Bill Scott Re : LVMPD Murder of Eric Scott in Costco

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William B. Scott is a former Rocky Mountain Bureau Chief for Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine. During his 22 years with the publication, he also served as Senior National Editor, Avionics Editor and Senior Engineering Editor. He is a co-author of three books: Space Wars: The First Six Hours of World War III; Counterspace: The Next Hours of World War III, and Inside the Stealth Bomber: The B-2 Story. A solo-written novel, The Permit, is based on the murder of his eldest son, Erik Scott. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University-Sacramento, and is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School. In 35 years of military and civilian flight testing, plus evaluating aircraft for Aviation Week, he has logged approximately 2,000 flight hours on 80 aircraft types.


William B. Scott

On July 10, 2010, Erik B. Scott, a 1994 U.S. Military Academy at West Point graduate with an MBA from Duke University, was shot to death by three Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (“Metro”) officers in front of a Las Vegas, NV, Costco big-box store. While many readers will recall that egregious, senseless murder, few know what followed: A jaw-dropping cover-up more typical of the old Soviet Union than America.

To every man and woman, who carries a firearm, the Erik Scott shooting is a chilling reminder that billion-dollar companies, such as Costco, have irrational, secret, anti-gun policies that literally kill their customers.

Erik, a Boston Scientific cardiac pacemaker sales rep, was carrying a legally registered concealed firearm, while he and his girlfriend were shopping at Costco-Summerlin in Las Vegas. He also had a concealed-carry permit in his wallet, issued by the same Metro police force that killed him.

When Erik squatted on the floor to verify that three metal water bottles would fit into a soft-sided, zip-up cooler, a Costco employee spotted Erik’s Kimber Ultra Carry .45-caliber semiautomatic in an inside-the-waistband holster. A civil interchange with a Costco manager ensued, and Erik was told that a Costco policy banned guns inside company stores—although there were no signs to that effect posted outside or inside, and there’s no mention of a gun-ban policy in the membership application. Erik calmly responded that his sidearm was legal and that he had a concealed-carry weapon (CCW) permit on his person. The manager never asked Erik to leave the store, and the two parted on good terms, according to witnesses.

The Costco manager reassured a plainclothes security guard, Shai Lierley, that Erik would be leaving soon. For reasons known only to him, the young, cocky Lierley—defying management practices and company policy—placed a 311 call to the local police, falsely claiming Erik “had a gun and was acting erratic.” Thinking an armed madman was barricaded inside, Metro cops rushed to the store in overwhelming force—15 police cruisers, a helicopter, an incident-command team and an ambulance.

An inbound Metro lieutenant suggested that Costco managers quietly evacuate the store. Unaware that the evacuation had anything to do with him, Erik and his girlfriend calmly walked out with the crowd, passing three Metro officers waiting at the entrance and exit doors. Costco’s Shai Lierley identified Erik to an agitated, scared Metro officer, William Mosher, who was clutching a semiautomatic, visibly shaking and sweating profusely. Alarmed, Mosher spun around and immediately yelled something, which even nearby cops failed to comprehend.

Erik turned to find a frightened, obese cop shouting three conflicting commands. With his left hand, Erik lifted his T-shirt to expose the Kimber, and repeated, "I am armed, I am armed..." Witnesses said he moved his right elbow enough to expose the Kimber. In his right hand, Erik held a BlackBerry cell phone.

Mosher instantly panicked and fired two shots with a .45-caliber Glock 21. The cop’s first hollow-point slug struck Erik in the heart; the second went through his right thigh, well below his jeans’ front pocket.

Two other officers hesitated a long beat, then fired another five rounds, all into Erik's back. Erik was shot a total of seven times. The five that hit him in the back were fired after he was on the ground, dying.

Based on a recording of Lierley’s 311-call, we’ve confirmed that Mosher gave Erik three conflicting commands and fired, all within two seconds. Mosher then knelt on his victim’s back and handcuffed Erik’s hands.

Costco had numerous security cameras inside the store and at least four trained on the entrance, where the lethal shooting took place. Violating department policies, Metro detectives did NOT immediately seize the surveillance system's two digital video recorders’ hard disks. They left the critical DVR and hard drive in Costco's control for five days, allowing Costco-Summerlin personnel and the store’s IT contractor to tamper with video data. Five days after the shooting, Metro detectives finally decided to pick up one Costco DVR. After valiant attempts to “recover” critical imagery, the DVR was sent to the U.S. Secret Service’s Los Angeles office, where forensics experts examined it. The experts later testified that 96 percent of the DVR’s data were recovered. The four percent not recoverable just happened to encompass the time Erik was in Costco, as well as the fatal officer-involved shooting. The hard disk’s platter sectors, where that critical four percent of unrecoverable data resided, was physically damaged, as if the disk were running, “then dropped from about chest high,” according to forensic experts’ testimony.

Within hours of the shooting, a Clark County Deputy Public Administrator and a Metro cop illegally broke into Erik's condominium and stole several of his firearms. One pistol, a small Ruger LCP, was later produced as "proof" that Erik was carrying two guns. Why two? Because the AMR ambulance crew had reported finding a gun on Erik’s body. The sole gun Erik really was carrying (the Kimber) had already been removed from the corpse and placed on the ground at Costco, still in the holster, as if Erik had pulled it, thereby “justifying” Mosher's murder. In fact, the only item Erik ever had in-hand was his BlackBerry smartphone. In a state of panic, Mosher couldn’t distinguish a BlackBerry from a semiautomatic pistol. He literally executed Erik.

There is absolutely no doubt that Erik was murdered. However, integrity-challenged cops of Metro’s “Blue Wall” immediately resorted to post-shooting procedures that are standard practice for hundreds of corrupt Las Vegas police officers: Conceal the facts, destroy and manufacture “evidence,” coerce selected eyewitnesses, and systematically demonize the deceased victim. The cover-up of Erik’s murder-by-cop was aided and abetted by the Clark County District Attorney, an unprincipled union—the Las Vegas Police Protective Association—and wealthy power brokers, who control The Strip.

My family filed two lawsuits in federal court—one against the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the three shooters and the sheriff, Douglas Gillespie, and a second against Costco. For unbelievable reasons, both suits went nowhere. After the second was dismissed, our lawyer said, “I don’t think it’s possible to get justice in this town.”

The truth about Erik’s murder and its blatant cover-up is so bizarre that non-Las Vegas citizens would never believe it. Consequently, I resorted to asymmetric warfare. I wrote a novel based on the actual events of my son’s senseless execution. Entitled The Permit, the book is “faction”—truth wrapped in a techno-thriller story. According to reviewers, The Permit is a fast-moving, riveting tale of intrigue, corruption and accountability.

Synopsis of “The Permit:” A murder-by-cop victim, “Erik Steele,” was actually a covert assassin for Checkmate, an ultra-secret Department of Homeland Security counterterrorism team. Arrogant, low-intelligence Las Vegas Metro cops had brazenly killed a high-value federal agent. As Metro leaders soon realize, their trigger-happy cretins truly did kill the wrong guy.

Metro’s clumsy attempts to cover-up Erik’s execution triggers a deadly campaign codenamed Operation Gold Shield. Activated by the highest office in America, Shield is designed to neutralize INDIGO, a new, dangerous class of domestic terrorist that has killed more Americans since 9/11 than were lost on that modern day of infamy: Rogue cops and their corrupt allies. Shield is launched to prevent the U.S. from erupting in armed revolt. However, the initial targets are those responsible for killing a fellow Checkmate agent, Erik Steele.

Integrity-devoid killer-cops, corrupt district attorneys, police union thugs, an unscrupulous sheriff, and even a powerful billionaire are held accountable via advanced, highly classified means, such as tiny missiles with nanoparticle warheads; a microwave-beam weapon that fries a victim; an airborne system that creates “ghosts” in a target’s bedroom; a “black world” fighter aircraft armed with T-Rex, a stunning electrostatic weapon; an acoustic beam that shatters bones and buildings, and a lethal disease that precludes sleep.

Ultimately, bodies pile up, government officials run scared and the glitzy Las Vegas Strip is silenced.


Film The Police Portland is a grassroots, volunteer-run organization that focuses on police accountability through filming police encounters in the community.
We intend to achieve our goals by growing our numbers of video activists so we can cover the entire downtown area of Portland Oregon! You can show support in one of 3 ways #1 you can volunteer and go out on patrol with us and film the police. #2 you can join our facebook group FTP PORTLAND FILM THE POLICE #3 you could donate to our worthy cause! DONATE LINK
Meet Our Team
Mike Bluehair: