Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Solution? Door to Door Searches To Confiscate Firearms

With the recent tragic school shooting in Connecticut many well meaning people are searching for solutions to an incredibly horrific problem facing our nation. For whatever reason our country has been plagued with an unexplainable problem. Most people cannot imagine why certain people in our society would want to arm themselves and shoot up public places like schools.

When these events happen they are usually followed by a few days of media hype with there same cast of characters of experts and TV therapists that hawk the same talking points calling for gun control, background checks ,increased mental help programs and anti bullying campaigns.

On the other side in the alternative media and blogs you'll have the conspiracy theories pointing to fluoride in the water, anti depressants and other medications or MKULTRA and other Govt sponsored mind control experiments that could be the motivation behind these shootings.

We can all debate the causes and solutions but today in this article I want to explore the ramifications of one possible "solution" to this problem and that is the knee jerk reaction to want to ban and or confiscate all firearms currently in the USA.

It would appear at first glance that this is a logical solution. If we simply take away all the guns lunatics can no longer use them to shoot up schools and thus spare us the horror and tragedy of seeing little school children murdered and their families traumatized.

But what would be involved in such a program of firearm surrender? I suppose first after an executive order there could be an emergency order requiring that all citizens surrender their guns. The most recent reports on the topic put the count at roughly 300 million firearms floating around the country. It would be a massive undertaking for these weapons to be voluntarily surrendered .

But even if the vast majority of these guns were surrendered voluntarily that would still leave a small percentage still unaccounted for. These weapons would be in the hands of the most unlawful, most militant, most extreme and most paranoid among us. The most extreme would be armed and the most compliant law abiders would then be unarmed.

This sounds like a worse situation than we started with. The only way to unarm those that do not comply is by door to door searches of peoples homes, businesses and storage facilities. Just as the military does in Afghanistan and other occupied countries.

This would be an incredible undertaking. Portions of city blocks and neighborhoods would have to systematically cordoned off with police and military preventing the entry and exist to those areas. Then every square inch would have to thoroughly searched with metal detectors. In order to ensure officer safety any civilian in that are would have to be temporarily detained and handcuffed and physically searched. Every man woman and child, just as people are searched by TSA agents in airports.

Because of the magnitude of this operation there would be no time for pleasantries. The soldiers would show up at your home in full force in body armor and secure the home with a room by room search, kicking in doors and overturning furniture in their search.

I believe we can all agree that this type of undertaking would be far more traumatizing to the entire nation of 314 million people than the 3 or 4 thousand victims, friends and families that have been affected by these school shootings and massacres.

I believe that if we as a country can come together in love and respect with a common goal of finding a solution to a common problem we can come to a solution. But the solution cannot be a knee jerk reaction of passing legislation. It cannot be one that is advocated by these talking heads and hacks that we see on TV. These people have there own self interests and agendas that do not include the good of the average citizen. About the Author:

Ed Opperman is Pres of Opperman Investigations Inc, He's Digital Forensic Investigator as well as a Private Investigator. Ed's been involved in some of the major news stories and investigations on there past few years. Including Trayvon Martin. Sarah Palin, Congressional Investigations. For more
Ed Opperman Private Investigator

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