Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reality Check: DR. BILL H. WELD of Bill H. Weld and Associates. leaked DARPA documents

Last week I was provided some scanned documents purporting to be "leaked DARPA" communications. These docs outline a secret plan of genocide.
I rent commercial space in a secured industrial park and my neighbors are a DARPA funded company, so the DARPA folks are often outside on a smoke break. I casually asked if they if they could review and comment on the docs and they could give the docs no credibility whatsoever.
They demonstrated no concern that there could be a plan of genocide that they are unaware of, or that a secret DARPA doc had somehow escaped and was in public circulation.

I noticed some online chatter about these docs and claims by DR. BILL H. WELD of THE LAS VEGAS LAW-FIRM of Bill H. Weld and Associates , NV, CA, AZ....

Las Vegas has a rather small close knit legal community, it's rare to have a local attorney licensed in multiple states and not be a household name so I reached out for confirmation of Dr Welds credentials.
I could find no one in the legal community familiar with such a law firm ever existing.

I then contacted Clark County Bar Association:

Sent: 10/16/2013 10:07:38 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: RE: Contact Us: Other Clark County Lawyer Finder Questions or Feedback
Hi, Ed!

I don't have a record of a Weld as a member of the Clark County Bar Association. I searched the CCBA Member Directory (via last name or firm name) at, but did not find a "Weld."

Perhaps you find the name when searching the State Bar of Nevada's website directory at

If the name isn't on their website, they may have an internal record. Call the State Bar of Nevada at 702-382-2200.

Hope this helps.


Steph Abbott
Communications Coordinator
Clark County Bar Association
725 S. 8th Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101

702-387-6011 main
702-333-2270 direct

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Subject: Contact Us: Other Clark County Lawyer Finder Questions or Feedback

I'm trying to confirm if there is a lawyer in NV or CA named Bill Weld or DR. BILL H. WELD of Bill H. Weld and Associates? He claims to be practicing law in NV. Or alternatively that he is "retired" from practicing law in NV.

But I can find no corroborating information of these assertions.

Ed Opperman PI DFI
Opperman Investigations Inc
The Opperman Report
800 448 0772

As suggested by Ms Abbott I contacted the State Bar of Nevada at 702-382-2200. They have no record of any Weld ever practicing law in the State of NV Ever having a license issued or ever being disbarred or sanctioned, disciplines etc. 
Feel free to search  NV court records by attorney name to see for yourself if you can find any cases filed by an attorney "Weld"

I emailed "Dr Bill Weld" for comment at,the email address provided on his blog:
Sent: 10/16/2013 2:20:49 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Fwd: Contact Us: Other Clark County Lawyer Finder Questions or Feedback
That's because it's under a different name, because I don't like people snooping around in my background. I've run into this before. I appreciate your concern, I'm sure you are just doing your due diligence, but I will not cow-tow to people who want to tear up my personal life or pry into it.


Dr. Bill H. Weld's Official Web Site

Dr. Bill H. Weld's Official Facebook

On Wednesday, October 16, 2013 12:08 PM, "" <> wrote:
Hi Bill, any comment on this? NV bar and Clark county Bar has no record of you ever practicing law in NV.

Updated 10/19/2013
After I provided this email to a couple of so called "truther" radio hosts  they went on the air and ridiculed my investigation and claimed that "Welds" records were probably scrubbed like Bob Lazar. So now "Welds" is parroting this alibi. But his email to me admitting he faked the resume is still proof he is a liar.

As for information being scrubbed from the Internet.
It is rare for a person to be both a Dr and Lawyer. I know of only 2 in Las Vegas. This hoaxer is certainly not one of them. You can call the Clark Co Bar and ask them if they are aware of any Dr /Lawyers over the past 10 years.
You can also call or visit Nevada Legal Publication on 4th St in downtown Las Vegas. This is also a small business that PRINTS the lawyer directory. It's not on the Internt and could not be 'scrubbed" unless the super spooks somehow go there and erase his name from the older publications.

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