Thursday, June 12, 2014

UPDATE: LV Walmart Shooter TRUTH: Gov and Sheriff Candidates, Vanderbeek & Martines Speak Out

UPDATE: On 6/12/14, The Opperman Report scheduled an interview of three local Vegas residents and political figures. The initial plan was to broadcast the interview live on Spreaker and provide the podcast to various Opperman Report affiliates to play later that evening and during the week. Even with the help of a seasoned broadcaster and technical engineer that has spent years in the music industry we were unable to get the spreaker broadcast operational. Even after 4 1/2 hours of work.
We then decided to just record the pod cast and provide it to the affiliates.

In trying to establish the broadcast we experienced technical difficulties in establishing a phone connection with the three guests that caused a 12minute delay in the start of the interview.
This type of technical difficulty with the phone connection is unprecidented.

After establishing the phone connection we began the recording of the interview using the same routine procedures we have used to record hundreds of skype conversations, broadcasts, radio shows and interviews.

After the show I passed along the file to my production staff as usual but in this one and only instance the file was empty. There was an unexplained malfunction of the recording.
We had a perfectly fine working recording of the testing of Spreaker and a perfectly fine recording of tests of the equipment after the show. The one and only file that had a problem was the one of the interview.

I believe it is important to make a record that a great portion of this interview dealt with the guests describing incidents of computer and electronic interference. 

The Opperman Report apologizes for the inconvenience to our guests and our audience and we extend an open invitation to our guests to rebook at their convenience.

On Monday there will be an appearance of these guests and myself, Ed Opperman on the John B Wells Show,

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Las Vegas Walmart Shooter TRUTH: Gov and Sheriff Candidates, Vanderbeek & Martines Speak Out

Opperman Report: SPECIAL REPORT ! BREAKING NEWS! - In an exclusive interview  Nevada candidate for Governor  David Vanderbeek, Ret LVMPD and candidate for Clark County Sheriff, Gordon Martines, will be joined by their campaign manager Aj Maimbourg to give their first hand account of their interactions with the Las Vegas Walmart shooters  Jerad and Amanda Miller.

This will be an unedited no holds barred interview with local Las Vegas residents that have first hand knowledge of the shooters.

My exclusive interview with these first hand witnesses will cover their initial meetings with the millers, their impressions, their experience with the Millers at Bundy ranch, their reactions to the Millers and their experiences , including death threats and harassment, since the death of the Millers and the LVMP officers.

This exclusive interview can only be heard LIVE TONIGHT on The Opperman Report Spreaker Channel but will be available throughout the week on all of the usual Opperman Report affiliate stations listed above.

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