Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Members Section is up!!!

The members section is open for business.

We have added a members section where you can subscribe to EXTRA shows! Extra content. The Friday night live show will always be FREE! The weekday replays will always be FREE!
But now with this additional MEMBERS SUPPORT we can produce EXTRA shows during the week and add them to our exclusive archive section on THE OPPERMAN REPORT WEBSIITE

Membership section Shows COMING UP!!
1. Drunken Meltdown - Why I quit Rev Radio
2 David Shurter & Sister Satanic Ritual abuse
3 Ted Gunderson Shows
4. Rev Ralph Knight Gospel Tent Ministry
5. Mind Control Neil Sanders
6 Heidi Fliess - Hollywood Madam
7 Scott Thorson - From Prison Liberacci & Michael Jackson Lover
8 Dennis Hoff - Bunny Ranch 

9 Captain Crunch Phone Freak  
10 Special WM3 Show!

This new section has been in the works for weeks but could not come soon enough. My family is once again under attack and we need your support.
Urgently. Please listen to the video below for more details.


  1. Update:
    My lap top crashed so I could be offline a few days. Tinypass is reviewing our application for the members section. It could be approved any minute. Normally takes 24 hours.
    I have not heard back from court or constable but I found another apt in same condo complex by Vics school. I could be in there today.
    The memberships are 6.99 one monthly 19.99 quarterly and $74.99 yearly. If you want to sign up and just send a paypal donation to we ca work out the PW and membership as the dust settles..

  2. Update ! Membership section is up and running!
    10 or 12 yearly memberships in the next couple hours sure would be a big relief for me. more than you can imagine.